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Victorian Recreational Beekeepers Association
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The VRBA has created this page for beekeepers and the public to register information about the locations of wild (feral) and unmanaged hives.
For example: Bees in bird boxes, trees and knolls, possum boxes, disused outbuildings, chimneys, wall cavities. 

This information will be shared with the DJPR (Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions), Agriculture Victoria

We ask that beekeepers share this beeWatch page with friends and family members to be able to help Agriculture Victoria know the location of additional hives that are not managed by registered beekeepers.

At times there may be hives in locations that have been forgotten about or the beekeeper no longer looks after them for one reason or another. If you suspect this let us know in the form below, Agriculture Victoria can then check the registration and/or hive location to determine. 

Beekeepers please assist:

Agriculture Victoria is encouraging you to inspect your hives (weather permitting at the earliest convenience) by using the drone uncapping method and either the sugar shake or alcohol wash methods. Learn how to perform these exotic mite tests by viewing videos and fact sheets on the BeeAware website.

Let’s work together as a community to help prepare Victoria the best we can in these stressful times. Preparation is the key for a hopeful future.

Victorian Recreational Beekeepers Association